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Prospect develops strategies for customer experiences and designs the digital media, devices, spaces and services that connect people to your brand. We integrate your people, your technology and your business to deliver the kinds of experiences that everyone is looking for: Easier travel. Simpler shopping. Safer banking.


What we do

Every business
is a service.
Every service
must be designed.

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  • News Stories

    17 Nov

    Andrew Sims joins Prospect

    We welcome Andrew as our new Senior Interaction Designer

  • News Stories

    13 Oct

    Bret Steiner joins Prospect

    We welcome Bret Steiner as our new Client Services Director

  • News Stories

    24 Jul

    Prospect grows from strength to strength with recent client wins

    We have been very busy over the past 8 months...

  • News Stories

    01 Jun

    Vala Petursdottir joins Prospect

    We welcome Vala Petursdottir to Prospect as our new Service Designer.

  • News Stories

    01 Mar

    Sean Langford joins Prospect

    We welcome Sean Langford as our new Senior Project Manager.

  • News Stories

    22 Mar

    eurostar_train goes live!

    Time to take the wraps off our big travel project.

  • News Stories

    20 Mar

    CEBR graphic

    CEBR site launches

    Prospect is pleased to announce the launch of, our latest example of online prestidigitation.

  • Case Study

    24 Sep

    bmi Mobile App

    Development of the new bmi app for iOS and Windows 7.

  • News Stories

    24 Sep

    Global Design Forum Misses the Mark

    Thought provoking? Somewhat. Missed opportunities? Numerous.

  • Case Study

    24 Sep

    Digital platform for Sanctuary Retreats

    Creating a truly luxury experience digitally using HTML5

  • Case Study

    24 Sep

    Revving up car rental customers for Europcar

    Turning prestige car hire into a key revenue generator for Europcar

  • News Stories

    18 May

    DBA Design Directory Update

    The Design Directory is delivering impacts!

  • White Papers

    17 May

    PCD Rules!

    People centred design is a key factor in helping businesses chart a course for the future.

  • News Stories

    15 May

    Microleisure at Prospect

    Prospect designs a simple and effective game

  • News Stories

    14 May

    Prospect retained by Sanctuary Retreats

    Prospect to create a great online experience for Sanctuary Retreats

  • News Stories

    10 May

    Ready for the EU Cookie Law?

    The deadline for the EU Cookie Law is Saturday, 26 May, 2012. What does this mean for your business?