14 January 2015

Abercrombie & Kent commissions Prospect to create a global digital customer experience

Fifty years ago, Geoffrey Kent and his parents founded Abercrombie & Kent as a safari company in East Africa. The first journeys were conducted with little more than a refrigerated truck and a silver ice bucket, and they set the style for every A&K journey that followed: authentic, inspiring and organised down to the last detail by expert local teams. 

Today the discerning traveller can experience the A&K difference in more than 100 countries on all seven continents. Local guides bring each stop on the journey to life with their intimate knowledge of the culture, history and wildlife of your destination. A&K’s hallmark differentiation is the highly tailor-made service, down to the last detail - whether the client prefers lime or lemon in their G&T.

To respond to the global traveller's increasingly sophisticated tailor-made expectations, Prospect was asked to consolidate the A&K consumer country websites into a global, consistent and innovative customer experience. As a luxury tailor-made industry first, a booking engine was designed and tested from scratch, catering for the complex travel portfolio product options.

To deliver on A&K’s brand promise of highly tailor-made experiences, Prospect created a groundbreaking inspirer tool that enabled the customer to playfully collect location, activities, accommodation type etc preferences, share and co-create the perfect journey and receive a curated and highly targeted product solution - leaving all the hard work to the travel consultant. The service creates efficiency and consistency in a company that has been relying on printed travel itineraries and also provides a multi-touchpoint retail service.