01 February 2019

An experience vision to bring the future of the workplace to life

Dimension Data, a USD 8 billion global technology integrator, managed services provider and member of the NTT Group, has opened the Digital Workplace Center of Excellence at the NTT Global Innovation Center in Silicon Valley.

Located in the innovation capital of the world, the center showcases advanced digital workplace technologies such as Cisco collaboration and security tools, and VMware Workspace ONE, the intelligence-driven digital workspace platform, and demonstrates how Apple devices are best for business with Dimension Data managed services offerings to help companies deliver an anywhere, anytime mobile experience. Source: DD 
Prospect was asked to conceive a vision for an end to end visitor experience, using the power of technology & storytelling to support client acquisition, on-boarding & retention while positioning Dimension Data (and NTT) as the workplace technology industry leaders & innovators.

Dimension Data needed to envision a holistic and connected experience within the physical and digital environments to define the high-level technology capabilities and experience vision not only for the launch event but for future events and client engagements.

“Through its ubiquitous mesh of voice, video, end-user computing, mobility and security technologies, the workspace of the future enables continuous innovation of fresh business models, processes and outcomes. The Center of Excellence brings to life integrated products and services from leading technology companies including Apple, Cisco, and VMware – demonstrating how Dimension Data collaborates with enterprises to drive positive business outcomes and support the best use of technology tailored to their unique needs.” Source: DD

The mission was to conceive a space & experience that demonstrates Dimension Data’s ability to partner with clients & guide them into the unknown - a tailored experience that provides tangible proof points & answers the unasked questions while providing engaging & meaningful information at the point of need.
In close collaboration with DD’s global strategy and technology teams, Prospect created an experience vision and hero moments that explored and supported the experience from initial invitation to event follow up. The journey brings to life the Digital Workplace offer. A curated journey across marketing, digital and physical touch points, takes visitors on a journey into the future & allows them to experience first hand how Dimension Data will work & partner with their organisation.

“As the workforce becomes more remote and mobile, so does our reliance on pervasive, secure connectivity and collaboration,” said Grant Sainsbury, Senior Vice President, Americas Solutions at Dimension Data.“Being able to create a secure digital workplace that is agile and on-the-go is increasingly important for today’s organizations. The Digital Workplace Center of Excellence provides a window into what the future of work will look like, as companies support multiple personalized workstyles. The effectiveness of which relies on a seamless, secure and productive experience.” Source: DD

We used interactive storytelling principles to guide the entire journey, from the invitation to arrival, the in-center experience and post center engagement. We defined immersive interaction ideas demonstrate the products & benefits of Dimension Data’s strategic alliance with Apple & Cisco for the workplace & mobility offer. The experience needed to position Dimension Data as trusted advisors into the known and to help visitors understand the potential of the technology and practical application of software for their workplace - helping their customers to shape the business of tomorrow.
"Technology is the central nervous system of the organisation and most concepts and themes related to the future of work are not possible without technology". Forbes, The Three Environments That Create Every Employee Experience