01 September 2016

Global digital guidelines to enable world-class customer experiences

We have been invited to extend our partnership with Dimension Data to design global guidelines to empower the organisation to create coherent and world-class digital customer experiences.

To stand out in an ever-increasing competitive market, Dimension Data has been going through a business transformation programme that resulted in the evolution of the corporate identity and the optimisation of customer experience touch-points. As Dimension Data has evolved from an IT centric to a customer centric organisation, the extensive digital ecosystem needed to evolve to become more user centered and coherent to bridge experience gaps.

Our work with core customer facing applications including Manage Centre and other business applications lead the creation of a new UI direction and inspired the need to design global digital guidelines to enable the organisation to evolve, protect and grow the value of the DD brand experience.

The challenge was to define comprehensive new User Interface principles aligned with Dimension Data’s new brand vision to support rapid design and development within the business and to ultimately drive equity in the design approach. As global teams have developed new applications and services around the world, an overarching User Experience framework was required to drive a consistent brand experience throughout Dimension Data’s digital touch points. The guidelines needed to respond to key business needs: the delivery of a world-class IT brand user experience, increase speed to market of new applications, products and services and increasing the client adoption and usage of the organisation’s digital ecosystem. For developers this means clear guidelines with related source code to support the adoption of consistent UI paradigms, patterns and processes to not only reduce development time significantly but also to ensure a consistent experience framework.

This living style guide will evolve over time as new interactive products and services are being developed to stay ahead in the market.

Read the full case study here