22 March 2013

Relaunching Eurostar: the airline on rails

Prospect supported the launch of the new brand with a new online customer experience that connects travellers with Europe.  

The site is designed to give visitors quick and easy access to ticketing, destination guides and maps. And it's no longer a tale of just two (OK, three) cities. Customers can now book from over 300 stations in the UK to hundreds of destinations across Europe. By 2015, the goal is to extend Eurostar's European reach to 5 Million passengers through rail connections and ultimately become the best end-to-end travel experience to the continent.

In conjunction with Etre, Prospect restructured a very complex site and content architecture to provide a simple way to get customers through the booking journey easily. The look and feel reflects the new brand with a sophisticated design that is informative, experiential and expresses Eurostar's aspiration to become the most loved travel experience in Europe. Intelligent homepage customisation allows for a targeted, localised and immersive experience. The integration of numerous microsites, including extensive destination and related social media content, provide a solid community platform that prioritises users’ content needs, and drives repeat visits and loyalty. The new information architecture enables effective SEO and measurement, but more importantly, reduces calls to customer support and enables speedier resolution of customer issues. The new site also delivers effective localisation to service Eurostar’s three core markets.

Prospect worked closely with customers to map their journeys and be clear on what is most important in the online experience. The site features clear, innovative pricing display with transparent daily/weekly/monthly views, enabling customers to make informed decisions about their travel. A booking summary on the right hand side is always in clear view of the visitor. Seat selection has been radically improved, to ensure passengers get the opportunity to book the seat that’s right for them. For the full experience, please visit eurostar.com.

This launch is the first step in a digital transformation for Eurostar. Etre cut booking steps in half, and we provided accessible, clear and intuitive information design, making the interaction with Eurostar.com efficient and pleasant. We are sure the site will increase conversions and help build loyalty among discerning travellers. And there are more digital innovations to come.

Anja Klüver, Creative Director for Prospect