20 April 2016

Home Retail Group: An optimal future customer retail journey

The Home Retail Group embarked onto an ambitious digital innovation journey that aims to transform the customer and colleague experience to increase overall satisfaction, shopping frequency and higher average order values. At the same time the aim is to reduce customer support effort and to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience.

Custerian, our business transformation partner, was commissioned to create this ambitious vision to inspire change through an engaging story and roadmap. Together with Custerian, Prospect illustrated the service from the customer, colleague and supplier perspective, supported by strategic objectives and business impacts.

The story communicates the optimal future customer shopping journey across multiple devices and channels and envisions how the organisation could support an integrated and seamless experience through digital helpers, people interactions and smart contact support at the point of need. By integrating experiences with data and insight from across the organisation, the future could enable optimised service through effective updates and better self-serve capabilities, whilst at the same time designing out unnecessary customer contacts.

The vision story illustrates how smart, seamless experiences - driven by strategic goals - can have a tangible impact on how customers buy and how HRG can deliver them.