31 July 2018

Internet Solutions: relentless customer centricity to enable clients to anticipate the IT business of tomorrow

Internet Solutions, a Dimension Data subsidiary, is a leading African internet communications service provider. Based on the successful customer portal launch for Dimension Data, Internet Solutions approached Prospect to completely reimagine their Client portal to generate much needed client engagement and to reduce the physical support requirements via the call centre and email.

Internet Solutions offer a range of tools and services covering cloud, connectivity, and security solutions. Internet Solutions were managing their client relationships via disparate suite of services that caused a disconnected customer experience and resulted in low client engagement; clients were emailing and calling instead of self-managing their IT infrastructure - creating additional strain on IS teams, and ultimately resulting in a slow and inefficient customer experience.

Internet solutions wanted to understand why clients were reluctant to use their client facing platform. Through usability testing we discovered that the disparate platforms failed to serve clients in a way they expected or needed, while identifying opportunities to improve usage and client engagement. 

We completely redesigned and streamlined the system which in turn inspired Internet Solutions to review their existing client engagement model and how they do business.  The resulting customer management portal, 'Client Zone', enables Internet Solutions’ clients to self-manage their IT infrastructure (Cloud, Connectivity and Security solutions) and to assess the health of their IT business. The portal enables efficient collaboration and data driven actionable insights to allow Internet Solutions’s clients to anticipate the business of tomorrow.

When is it coming? This is stuff that while I may not have been wanting, now I think how did I ever live without it - I am very excited!”Donald Chodeva - Client

Prospect is currently collaborating with IS to develop the portal. Thorough user testing is ensuring a successful launch, managing a development roadmap and implementation costs and supporting the need for a rapid time to market.

The user research has proven that the new service has increased customer satisfaction and brand perception dramatically, enabling self-service tasks, providing mobile and tablet accessibility and streamlining previously disparate tasks into one seamless experience.

“ClientZone is the best customer portal I have ever seen” - Warren Daniels, Eqstra - Client

“I really like it, a massive massive improvement from where it started. We have gone through RFP process to choose a new vendor. All the guys were blown away at the new portal and this new service.”- Denish Haripal - Client