10 January 2018

Supporting live science start ups to get investment ready 

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Open Accelerator programme facilitated by ZCube, Zambon's Research venture in Milan.

Together with an impressive list of industry experts including Deloitte, IBM, PWC, EY, Digital Health London, Imperial College, Prospect was invited to be one of the accelerator programme experts to support the 12 week programme with workshops and lectures to get the life science start up's investment ready. 

Open Accelerator is the first made-in Italy international acceleration program in the life science field that aims to identify and accelerate the best life science innovation start ups. Open Accelerator is part of the Zcube. Research Venture of Zambon Pharma, which has been successfully identifying and promoting innovation in healthcare. Zcube is headquartered in the scientific campus OpenZone, in Milan.

The starts ups included Drug delivery systems, Open source prototyping, medical devices, biomarkers, diagnostics, Wearables & digital health and Big data. The programme was devised by Zcube in partnership with Deloitte’s Officine Innovazione, to provide researchers and scientists with the opportunity to work on their idea and/or prototype and develop a sustainable and profitable development strategy for their start-up’s business model.

The programme selected 23 start ups out of 124 international applicants to support them through a 12 week programme with start up structure and business model support, Minimal Viable Product validation, Problem-market fit, Mentoring by international experts and Funding.

Prospect facilitated workshops on the critical importance of User Experience, MVP Experimenting & Testing and Presentation Design.

The winners are:

ANANAS LIVER: A drug delivery system for chronic hepatitis limiting undesired side-effects in patients – University of Padua – Award: 100,000 euro seed investment and access to Zambon’s campus: OpenZone

BIOREK: New diagnostic biomarkers and predictors of kidney cancer - San Raffaele Hospital, Milan

PD-INNOVATIONS: Integrated solution for Parkinson’s patients covering diagnosis and monitoring of symptoms as well as management of therapy

Bio-medical Campus of the University of Roma and the University of Oxford

PDMEE: Digital platform for real-time management of symptoms and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, management of pharmaceutical therapy and tailoring of treatment to the individual – University of Padua

GIMOpd: Tailored, efficient management of Parkinson’s disease based on patented neuroimaging integrated with biomarkers and movement analysis - Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla (IBiS)

Watch the ceremony here:


For further information see http://www.openaccelerator.it/