02 July 2018

Rocketspace: powering start ups with the design tools to support scale up success 

Rocketspace has hosted more than a thousand high-growth tech startups and 170 corporate brands from around the globe, including Uber, Spotify, Podion and Hootsuite. The global network of technology campuses and services are designed to help the world's most innovative startups grow.  

For start ups to succeed, design is non-negotiable. Prospect was asked to support the Rocketspace mentoring and educational programme with 5 Service and UX Design workshop programmes.


The RocketSpace ecosystem supports start ups with the deep understanding of what innovation actually requires. As part of their support programme, Rocketspace wanted to provide crucial design centricity. Prospect responded with an interlinked programme that demonstrated the business case for Service Design. 

Design is now a company's biggest differentiator. It has become essential to the future success of businesses; design centric start ups repeatedly outperform the market and particularly using applying the service design or design thinking approach can improve business outcomes +200 (Harvard Business Review).

The most successful unicorns have developed a design centric culture and ambitious start ups and entrepreneurial global companies recognise that focusing on human centered design and the end to end customer experience will deliver immeasurable Return On Investment. It is unlikely that a start up founded today will flourish without an integrated design strategy. Service Design has become the most important strategic driver for start ups and established businesses alike to create products and services that consider the complete end to end customer / employee experience to create unique value and competitive advantage in the audiences’ mind. “In a startup no facts exist inside the building, only opinions”( Steve Blank - Godfather of Service Design).

Start-ups and established businesses alike can encounter a variety of challenges across different stages that increase risk, costs and success of efficient cross channel rapid market growth. From making assumptions about the audiences and the right growth hacking strategy to spending huge amount of technology budget before validating new ideas and market relevance. Service design is a well established human centered approach to innovation that utilises design methodologies to integrate the needs of the people/users, the possibilities of technology and the business drivers to discover new opportunities, rapidly experiment and fail fast, make evidence based decisions and succeed earlier. As a highly collaborative approach, it can empower the whole team to co-create feasible, desirable and viable product and services with measurable impacts. It means getting big things done faster, way less expensive and with less risk.


The programme featured the following workshop modules:

1. For start ups to succeed, design is non-negotiable – the business case for Service Design 

2. The importance of UX to survive 

3. Ensuring customer love, retention and acquisition

4. The building blocks of a successful customer experience

5. Scale up innovation: Rapid growth hacking