01 February 2018

Vodafone: Global experience principles to guide employee centricity

Vodafone commissioned Prospect to support their mission to optimise the current digital employee experience across global operational systems.



Changing work styles & the digital workplace are driving the global business transformation and evolution and an increased need to empower the employees’ day-to-day workflows with user centric operational platforms. An industry survey by Gallup suggests that worldwide only 13% of employees are engaged at work with negative impacts on productivity, happiness, effective decision making the organisational competitive advantage and revenues.

Based on global user research across all core business functions we generated empirical based qualitative guiding principles that help define the broad experience (UX) philosophy and fundamental beliefs that steer Vodafone as a user centric organisation.

The measurable principles aim to support optimal user experience decisions across all digital platforms, irrespective of the project goals, constraints, or resources to align employee objectives, IT, business processes and policy. To support a quantitative business case for change, a weighted NPS model to track employee perception across the business has been implemented. The outcomes will inform design and process decisions to support smarter workflows that reduce time, effort and errors and increase self-serving completion of global employee goals – continually tracked and measured to provide iterative change.