bmi Airlines

End-to-end customer experience for bmi Airlines

Bmi partnered with Prospect to create a comprehensive customer experience built around the airline’s new positioning and service offer. The goals were clear and ambitious: increase market share, dramatically increase conversions and provide a seamless and integrated end-to-end customer experience.

Prospect developed a digital strategy across the complete service, including bmi’s website, mobile site, mobile app, check-in kiosks, customer journey films and online guidelines. The new bmi customer experience became the competitive driver in a market increasingly defined by pricing. With measurable impacts, for customers and for the business.

20 % Increase in conversions
22 % mobile bookings increase
2 best travel website awards

bmi on the move

Mobile bookings increased by 22%. Mobile check-ins rose 7%. The overall brand perception of bmi also improved.

With airline customers increasingly expecting to be able to book and manage their journeys anytime and anywhere, it was clear that bmi needed a robust offering for mobile users. Prospect designed the bmi app to work as a "digital wallet", storing vital trip, passenger and passport information. It also provided real time travel alerts for things like gate opening and closing and any unexpected travel disruptions.

Phase 2 foresaw the inclusion of a luggage tracker and other location based services.

We designed the bmi app and mobile site around the key customer needs flagged up during our research. For a seamless travel experience from start to finish.

People-focused “from the off”

Our in-depth research helped unlock service potential and validate a set of tailored, cross-platform customer experiences

We conducted in-depth trends and customer research to understand people’s travel behaviours, and to pinpoint any unmet desires. We then used those insights to develop tailored and contextually relevant cross-platform services for every step of the bmi customer experience. Customer journey mapping, target audience analysis, rigorous lab testing, focus groups and customer interviews informed the complete customer experience – validating its effectiveness and the value of bmi’s investment.

Service as differentiator

The redesign served as a brand refresh for bmi, making it easier for customers to manage bookings and travel. Simplified site architecture placed the right information at the point of need. Sharper content, messaging and functionality made the bmi service offering more effective, easier to find and more prominent in search rankings.

New passenger guides and maps helped people see the full breadth of bmi’s well-connected destinations network – positioning the airline as the go-to alternative to its more well-known competitors.

Simplified booking

The most important service of any travel site is the booking engine. Simplicity is key. The redesigned bmi booking journey reduced the number of steps from seven to five. It supported the business’s evolution from an all-inclusive ‘Better for business’ ticket proposition to a more customised and flexible ‘Friends and Family’ value offering. Ancillary products including hotels, cars and trip extras were added for a highly effective transactional experience. So that customers could build a ticket transparently and get real value for money.

Every booking process improvement that we implemented was rigorously user tested to support maximum usability, lower drop-out rates and strongly increased conversions.

Dear bmi, I just wanted to say thank you. Never have I used such an easy website for travel. The improvement over the past year has been dramatic and I am certain that I will keep coming back. Thank you!

bmi online customer testimonial

Showcasing the complete customer experience

Service proposition films were shot to demonstrate the quality of the service offering across the complete customer journey

We created 22 short films to bring the redesigned bmi customer experience to life across web pages, social media channels, television ads, sales DVDs and check-in kiosks. The films articulated bmi’s new ‘Friends and Family’ offer and services, to entice new and existing customers.

Effective self-service

Our design made self check-in a pleasure rather than a chore for customers and service staff alike. It helped to reduce queuing times at airport service counters and freed up on-the-ground bmi personnel for more critical customer service roles.

Our site is award-winning. We have decreased booking flow steps from 7 to 5 and increased conversions significantly. We could not have done it without the expertise and drive that Prospects team brought to bmi.

Tamarah Khatib, Head of Online, bmi Airlines