Simplifying financial and property investment to launch Brickowner’s crowd-funded platform

Prospect has been commissioned to help to launch a new crowdfunded property investment service that aims to enable anyone to invest into property.

Currently, with property being the largest investment most people are likely to make in their life’s, current economic conditions are making it increasingly challenging to get onto the property ladder. Investing cash is a daunting task at the best of times. Our task was to understand user attitudes to investment and design an experience that would demystify investment, straightforward and easy to understand, while simultaneously meeting the regulatory requirements.

Brickowner's mission is help people build a deposit to get onto the property ladder, build an investment portfolio for savvy investors, helping developers to finance new builds, ensure responsible and trustworthy landlords manage properties fairly, support local employment and return investment into communities.

Investment self-management for first timers to expert

Our user research into people’s drivers, risk levels, current investment pain points and motivations and competitive and benchmark analysis are informing the new service design to ensure the benefits and often complex process of investment and financial returns are easily understood.

The service is aiming turn real UK challenges into new opportunities – helping to reduce the gap between richest and poorest driven by property ownership and providing people from all demographics access to a self-managed and easily understood investment platform to save for their future. Additionally, the service takes away all the known hassles of buying a property, including getting a mortgage, dealing with surveyors and legal matters and the risk of being gazumped at the last minute.

The platform is engaging a broad audience that have differing understanding of financial investments, including first-timers who are struggling to get a mortgage, upgraders who want to save for a larger property, established savers that use property as an investment platform for their retirement and gifters who will use the platform to pass on assets to their loved ones.

Magical investment experience


The service aims to provide a delightful investment experience to demystify and simplify financial and property investment through effortless and transparent self-management at all stages - across mobile, tablet and desktop.

As part of a partnership of specialists in branding (Figaro brands) and product management company (Innovify), Prospect has been working very closely with the founders on creating a start up service that champions people’s needs first and foremost and with best in class technology to deliver a validated MVP.