Dimension Data

Global Digital Design System: amplifying brand value

Dimension Data uses the power of technology to help organisations achieve great things in the digital era. As a member of the NTT Group, Dimension Data accelerates their clients’ ambitions through digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow, and cybersecurity.

Over the last four years, Prospect has been the lead UX and Service Design partner for Dimension Data. Through Prospect’s holistic design process, we have empowered the organisation to transform from an IT-centric to customer-centric market leader by defining new experience standards, turning customer and employee experience challenges into measurable gains and delivering smart, self-serve omnichannel experiences that connect people with the brand.

Transforming how Dimension Data designs and builds digital experiences

On the back of the award-winning success of ‘Manage Centre,’ Dimension Data’s core customer management portal, the organisation expressed the need to protect and grow the value of the brand by applying the same principles and thinking to other platforms across the business – legacy and future applications.

The challenge was that all client-facing portals were designed in isolation by various IT teams with different code bases and interpretations of the DD brand. This resulted in very inconsistent user experiences, focused on functionality versus seamless and desirable digital brand experiences.

Stop reinvention and promote innovation

The vision was to transform how DD builds and deploys digital experiences – stopping reinvention – and to promote innovation and customer focused digital delivery instead.

A Design System was required to direct, create, inspire, manage and maintain digital brand experiences to reduce expensive design debt, increase operational productivity and achieve human-centered excellence.


Cumulative value for the organisation and customers

A first step, we created the global digital framework and interface library to empower business units and project teams to deliver consistent client focused experiences, regardless of technology, codebase or legacy systems. 

The design system is being rolled out in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: UI elements, interactive components, and modules, including basic UX rules and an initial adoption plan to roll-out the framework to other apps. Non-digital usage and marketing rules.
  • Phase 2: UX rules, behavioral analytics, data visualisation and principles
  • Phase 3: a design approval process, a complete interface builder and the establishment of a community to further grow the library

The DS was written in its framework on top of Bootstrap as a baseline due to the extensive use of this open source front-end framework throughout the organisation. It also meant that developers were already familiar with Bootstrap and could easily adopt.

To support DD’s customer-centric business transformation and to ensure market differentiation, improved brand perception, and maximum usability, an incremental adoption programme was implemented to enable the entire organisation to adopt the guidelines.

Increased business efficiency, brand equity and engagement

The Design System provides a unified code base and framework, current UX/UI guidelines and interface elements used by a growing number of DD applications.

  • Globally used across the organisation as a reference for design assets, application rules, and UX principles
  • Global digital brand consistency and increased brand value
  • Development time drastically reduced, enabling teams across continents working together on new products
  • Accelerating speed to market by reducing design and development time
  • Generating ROI on legacy and new applications: increased audience engagement/use
  • Reducing the cost and time of every digital build, globally
  • Repeatable design process creates effective briefing and validation
  • The guidelines provide best in class interaction models and interface principles, which are currently being applied to DD’s legacy applications