Dimension Data

A single source of truth to power business growth

Dimension Data uses the power of technology to help organisations achieve great things in the digital era. As a member of the NTT Group, Dimension Data accelerates their clients’ ambitions through digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow, and cybersecurity. 

Through Prospect’s holistic design process, we have empowered the organisation to transform from an IT-centric to customer-centric market leader by defining new experience standards, turning customer and employee experience challenges into measurable gains and delivering smart, self-serve omnichannel experiences that connect people with the brand.  

With offices in every corner of the world and regional sales teams, Dimension Data requires consistent sales tools and real-time service availability information to empower their pre-sales and sales teams to engage new clients effectively. 

A single source of truth

We re-imagined and re-defined the Dimension Data Service Catalogue to support pre-sales and sales teams to support the efficient creation of proposals, and service plans more accurately and effectively with a “service over product” approach. 
Working closely with the stakeholders, we crafted a fully integrated Service Catalogue experience to provide global teams with a single source of truth and everything they need at their fingertips to empower the sales team to deliver highly tailored and regional products and services offerings and competitive commercial frameworks. 
The platform needed to be scalable to integrate supporting platforms to become the single source of truth across Dimension Data worldwide.

Lack of data integrity and credibility

The challenge was to simplify a highly intricate system and to create a flexible, extendable tool that is not only easy to use but helps sales teams do their jobs easier, allowing them to focus on providing the best in class service for which Dimension Data is renowned.

Usability testing and stakeholder sessions revealed that the sales team relied on other platforms, sources and people to obtain service information, resulting in a challenging and time-consuming process. The content was not perceived as up-to-date or the best source of information. Service information was published across multiple channels, resulting in inconsistent and out-of-date information, hindering optimal sales processes.

Accelerating sales processes

The Service Catalogue is proving to be very successful, with Dimension Data’s parent company NTT now using the same platform. Sales team now have access to up-to-date sales tools that enable them to service their leads and customers much more effectively.  An optimised workflow is assisting users in creating, updating, approving and publishing content. The platform has increased staff productivity, efficiency and overall value of the Service catalogue.