Performance-enhancing customer experiences for Europcar

Europcar needed to make their under-promoted Prestige cars and vans a key revenue generator in the UK and increase yields through online marketing channels.

Working in close partnership with Europcar, Prospect designed faster paths to booking, clarified Prestige car and van offers and gave the line’s digital marketing communications a boost.

17 % more clickthroughs from homepage
220 % more orders from newsletters
288 % revenue increase

Customers in the driving seat

9 clicks to booking were reduced to just 2 to rapidly shorten routes to purchase. User testing validated success

In the European car hire market, it’s no secret that customers are becoming more connected, more informed and more willing to switch brands if they find one that offers smarter routes to the right rental options and service.

Market and customer research conducted by Prospect highlighted vital opportunities to improve Europcar’s Prestige offering, from simplifying the presentation of car categories and streamlining the booking process to raising the visibility of prices and incentives so that the service would fare better in comparison shopping.

We worked closely with Europcar stakeholders and customers to transform the Prestige cars and vans offering into a streamlined and user-centered customer experience.

Redesigned customer journeys dramatically sped up the process to find and book the right car or van. Simplified product descriptions made customer benefits more visible at a glance. And extensive user testing confirmed the effectiveness of the redesign, proving return on investment early on.

Detailed vehicle specs allow customers to choose an experience, and not just a ride

Better emails. Faster growth

We redesigned Europcar's monthly newsletter emails and partner marketing. It dramatically increased the effectiveness of this key marketing device. Shortly after launch, the redesigned email newsletter smashed records for Europcar’s customer emails: 32% more emails opened. 220% more orders placed. 288% more revenue produced.

Prospect have brought a fresh customer orientated approach to our website content and email programme. Group workshops have ensured that every customer communication and touchpoint is developed to maximise engagement and conversion. At Europcar UK we consider Prospect as an extension of the team, very professional and a true pleasure to work with. The business impact has been fantastic.

Susan Kalair, Senior eCommerce Manager, Europcar UK