The airline on rails: relaunching Eurostar’s passenger experience

With European competition for customers intensifying, Eurostar embarked on a comprehensive refurbishment programme aimed at setting a new passenger experience benchmark and positioning itself to become Europe’s leading travel company. Eurostar commissioned new trainsets, new branding and a new digital platform.

Prospect delivered a new website and on-board entertainment system designed to embody the new Eurostar brand vision and turn visitors into customers – supporting the business’s goal of a 50% rise in passenger volume in just three years.

Informative, experiential and aspirational

A solid customer engagement platform that prioritises customers needs, and drives repeat visits and loyalty

The look and feel reflects a new pioneering brand with a sophisticated design that is informative, experiential and expresses Eurostar’s aspiration to become Europe’s favourite travel experience.

We designed an intelligent homepage customisation system to allow for a targeted, localised and immersive experience. The integration of numerous microsites, including extensive destination and related social media content, provide a solid community platform that prioritises users’ content needs, and drives repeat visits and loyalty.

Smart, transparent booking

Eurostar customers can now book connections to anywhere in Europe in one simple transaction

The impact of the newly conceived information architecture is particularly significant in the booking flow. Working in conjunction with user experience experts Etre, Prospect translated the re-engineered booking architecture into clear and intuitive interface designs.

The new booking journey offers transparent pricing of different ticket classes and advanced bookings. It lets customers intuitively add travel extras and book connections to anywhere in Europe in one simple transaction.

The redesign benefits both the business and its customers through increased convenience, ease of use, a faster booking process, a reduction of calls to customer support and ultimately increased conversions and loyalty.

Onboard entertainment at your fingertips

The responsive portal delivers an optimised experience to the passenger’s device of choice

We developed a multi-platform onboard entertainment portal and digital gateway to Europe that Eurostar customers can use to plan their onward journeys, orient themselves at their connecting stations or even book a restaurant in their destination while en route. The portal provides news, entertainment, city guides, games and free connection to the internet.

When we wanted to create a totally new website, we looked at nine different web design agencies. Prospect was the only one that really understood where we needed to go as a business. With their experience in travel, Prospect was able to combine great design with an in-depth understanding of what really mattered to customers. So we were able to balance what looks good with what is easy and intuitive for people to use. We look forward to their continued input into making Eurostar the most loved travel experience in Europe.

Nick Mercer, Commercial Director, Eurostar