Glaxo Smith Kline

Boosting Share Plan participation and perceived value

Glaxo Smith Kline Beecham’s long term incentive share plan suffered low participation and perceived value.

GSK’s business objectives was to improve the participants’ experience, improve the understanding of the financial benefits and improve usability, increase participant engagement and ultimately enable better employee decision making. 

75 % Increased perceived value of award plan
70 % Increased engagement
2 Global Equity Organisation awards

Better financial planning

The online tool was designed around the participant’s decision making process enabled through interactive modellers and financial planning profiles integrated at crucial steps. The site integrated rich video based content to further educate and engage GSK’s employees.

Prospect collaborated with Copperfield Communications to deliver a real time award & vesting planning tool that put the employee in control of their investment options. 

Award winning

The site won 2 Global Equity Organisation awards:

Best plan communication & financial education for measurable impacts: 75% Increased perceived value of award plan and 70% increased engagement.