Innovation Accelerator Workshops

Innovation Accelerator Workshops case studies: because customer-centricity is no longer negotiable! 

Customer-centricity is no longer negotiable - but change doesn’t happen overnight. And it cannot happen at all without taking your people along on the journey. We’ve been helping clients with this cultural shift and have refined a series of bespoke workshops teaching service design techniques to create harmony across the human, digital and physical experience of their brands and to generate measurable business impact – at a sustainable pace.

Design as an agent for change

Our clients are all feeling the effects of living in a more connected world, one which demands them to be more agile and innovative to remain relevant in a digitally dominated marketplace.

Service Design and Design Thinking enable this agility, which is becoming essential as organisations look to align what their brand does best with what their customers and employees want most, to create competitive advantage and foster customer loyalty.

Empowered by our bespoke one, two and three day accelerator programmes, Prospect has helped ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurial global companies to reconsider the way they have historically created products and services customers, by embracing a people centered way to help deliver impactful change.

The accelerator workshops have supported the companies’ desire to transform the way consumers interact with their business by gaining a deep understanding of the entire service experience to identify breakthrough product innovations and service opportunities to generate measurable value, operational efficiencies and business growth.

"I felt we were designing the future of our business! Really excited to make the projects and change happen!” Allianz workshop attendee

The tailored programmes have helped embed Service Design Thinking philosophy and strategy into the organisations, by defining a repeatable framework for product and service design development that enables internalising change across business silos.

The practical theory and practise workshops have ranged from rapid half day ideation workshops to three days immersive programmes, enabling even siloed organisations to experience innovation techniques that solve tough business problems, generate compelling solutions with a business case for positive organisational change and learn how to collaborate across teams more effectively with immediate positive impact on their business


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Belron / Car Glass & Allianz Portugal: Designing the business of their future

In close collaboration with the Hivemind Network, Prospect designed and facilitated a tailored 2 day workshop in Lisbon for Belron’s Portuguese Carglass country division and their Insurance partner Allianz.

The core objective was to have the two companies work closely together to solve shared customer experience and organisational inefficiencies and collectively generate concrete ideas that would make an immediate impact on their businesses. The teams learned how to reliably solve specific business challenges in more detail, ideate the desired future experience and kickstart change with a business case, immediately.
“It is an excellent way to structure and think about common ideas between two companies. It was a great way to take our partnership to another level. Thank you very much.” Belron workshop attendee

The workshop shared key sector and technology trends and learnings from some of the most innovative companies in this space to help benchmark and inspire new ways of thinking. A focused theory and practice programme of core Service Design methodologies, coupled with Prospect’s pragmatic delivery expertise, created a direct link between the companies’ business strategy and the activities needed to deliver it.



“A really fresh and dynamic experience that helped Allianz and Carglass get to know each other better and bring their relationship to the next level while putting in practice modern and clean service design methodologies and having real fun!” Belron Workshop Attendee

  • / Innovate better: the teams created a number of future customer-centric service propositions to keep up with disrupted markets and rapidly changing customer expectations
  • / Generate understanding and experience of an innovation approach for product and service development, a repeatable framework that can reliably solve specific business challenges
  • / Drove internal change across business silos of the two companies
  • / Supported the desire to create a customer-centric, high-performance culture
  • / Practical innovation ideas to kick start change via mix of theory and practice
  • / Better understanding between partners on how to solve things together

 “A unique experience that reinforced our partnership and the future of our business. We never worked this way, it is undoubtedly a new way for us, and we will focus on embedding this in our organisation!” Allianz Workshop Attendee


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Belron - Rapid ideation around the Future of Mobility

In close collaboration with the Hivemind Network, Prospect was asked to design and facilitate a two hour workshop to rapidly generate ideas for collaborative projects across regions as part of Belron's innovation fund. 45 attendees from European Belron regions and Eurapco members attended.



  • /Challenge attendees assumptions about mobility and what it could mean for the business
  • /Bring the needs of Auto-Glass and insurance stakeholders together to define a seamless service proposition
  • /Ideate around perceived business/customer pain points
  • /Identify a series of opportunities for service innovation to benefit the business and customers
  • /Provide a quick overview of how Design Thinking helps solve business challenges and bring ideas to life quickly - i.e., rapid service experimentation techniques, validation, etc


  • /Identified key opportunities across the Auto-Glass and insurance business
  • /Fostered better understanding between partners on how to solve things together
  • /Demonstrated the power of Design Thinking and a new way of working
  • /Defined high-level service solutions and propositions
  • /Received requests for more in-depth regional workshops to identify solutions in detail to take to the business for investment


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One day Service Design primer London /Manchester

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop; thank you. I believe it is so valuable to be shaken out of our day to day and reminded us that there are other ways to solve our business conundrums. As problem solvers, we should all be engaged in a regular ideate refresh so we can embed into our BAU!" Cisco workshop attendee

A hands-on introduction to Service Design and Design Thinking aimed to empower attendees from Cisco, Ajilon, Insight Investment, Dimension Data, Home Retail Group and Moving Brands with the skills and knowledge to use tools and methods within their own organisation/s. Facilitated by Prospect and Custerian.


  • /Demonstrate the value of Service Design within the Business Context
  • /Placing people at the heart of the process no matter what the challenge
  • /Introduce practical tools to encourage collaboration & innovation
  • /Help organisations bring ideas to life
  • /Provide practical actives & how these can be used within your organisation



  • /Demonstrated the power of Design Thinking and a new way of working
  • /An understanding of importance of Human Centred Design in solving complex business problems
  • /Multiple requests for an in-depth two day Service Design course
  • /Ways to innovate and succeed faster with less risk
  • /The power of rapid prototyping
  • /All attendees left with an understanding that innovation & creativity is everybody’s remit


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Dimension Data: continuous business transformation

“Bringing together multiple stakeholders from different business units together to solve problems with a focus on the end audiences has always been a real struggle for us. This highly collaborative approach with the healthy mixture of hard business facts, coupled with the qualitative user research and technology focus removes the battle of opinions and focuses on facts and envisioning the best we can do for our customers.”

Dimension Data engaged Prospect to support its strategic mission to become a customer-centric company.

As a traditional IT-centric company, it was Dimension Data’s first attempt to follow the best practise User Experience design methodology and apply a more agile approach. The targets were ambitious: address organisational inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. Simplify daily tasks, reduce user queries by 50%, increase client engagement by 150% and revenues by 300%.


The impact

The design approach and subsequent success of the portal generated a cultural shift within Dimension Data. Apart from a significant 307% growth in data services clients (exceeding targets of 150% by 157%) and a 515% growth in service revenue in 14 months (exceeding 350% target by 165% of growth in a saturated market) and a 579% increase in client online engagement, the design has also increased user adoption and a dramatic drop in user queries / incidents. It enabled an MVP launch within 12 weeks, versus traditional nine months.


Continuous business transformation

Based on the Manage Centre Portal success, Prospect was asked to facilitate Service Design programmes to create a holistic end-to-end customer and employee experience.

Prospect facilitated Service Design Workshops in Australia and London, with cross-departmental business stakeholders to map the Managed Services and Support Services current end to end experience to pinpoint cross-departmental dependencies, organisational process failures, and customer pain points.

The workshops aimed to align multiple geographically dispersed stakeholders around a common understanding and vision of Client Success Management and Dimension Data Support Services. Using Design Thinking and Service Design tools, we uncovered service gaps, pain points and opportunities – while defining a new service proposition to shape the business of tomorrow.



  • / Broke down silos & divisions within the organisation that were stifling innovation & effective service delivery
  • / Embeded the design thinking process to support cultural change, evolve the product life cycle process; ideate new products & services and unlock value in existing services
  • / Fostered better understanding between stakeholders on how to solve things together
  • / Identified key servicing opportunities across various departments within Dimension Data
  • / Demonstrated the power of Design Thinking and a new way of working
  • / Prioritised key business initiatives to drive project funding & planning across the entire organisation
“Thank you all for a very productive and effective session - it has taken us two years to get all Support Services Stakeholders together in one room and collaborate to effectively. This has enabled us to go beyond politics and get something positive done that will impact the business and deliver a much-improved customer experience! Happy days!