Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions: Designing the technology business of tomorrow

Internet Solutions is an Internet services provider that operates throughout Africa, offering a variety of data centre, cloud, security and internet services that help organisations to do things better.

For technology companies today, great customer experiences are the biggest differentiator. Internet Solutions were managing their customer relationships via the diverse suite of services that caused a disconnected, siloed experience and resulted in low client engagement. Customers were emailing and calling instead of self-managing their IT infrastructure, creating additional strain on IS teams, and ultimately resulting in slow and inefficient customer experience, impacting on business value, operational costs, trust, and loyalty.

89 % Engagement increase - up from 3%
84 % Self-serve usage increase - up from 8.8%
7.5 % Drop off rate reduction, down from 91.2%

Increasing customer lifetime value through smart data

The mission was to use the power of data to surface actionable insights into the health and performance of the customers’ technology services, provide consistent and relevant data visualisation, simplify daily tasks, reduce user queries, increase customer engagement and expand market reach through valuable, self-serve service experience.

Prospect was engaged to apply their proven user-centric approach to help IS understand the existing challenges and create a roadmap to redesign the ClientZone ('Tish') portal, as well as generate innovative new ideas to extend its service offering.

Setting an industry benchmark experience 

“When is it coming? This is stuff that while I may not have been wanting, now I think how did I ever live without it - I am very excited!” Donald Chodeva, Client

Through usability testing, we discovered a siloed and disjointed user journey that failed to serve customers in a way they expected or needed, while identifying opportunities to improve usage and customer engagement. Customers were emailing and calling instead of self-managing their IT infrastructure, creating additional strain on IS teams, and ultimately resulting in slow and inefficient customer experience, impacting on business value, operational costs, trust, and loyalty.

To design the desired experience, the business needed to understand their customer and business stakeholder demographics, goals and existing barriers. Prospect conducted user interviews to create evidence-based personas, providing a crucial tool to inform the entire design process to create a targeted and purposeful service. The user research identified fundamental issues that were causing friction and abandonment of the system, but also uncovered user desires that inspired new ideas to create a truly differentiated experience.



Seamless, human-centered self-service, anytime, anywhere 

“I really like it, a massive, massive improvement from where it started. We have gone through the RFP process to choose a new vendor. All the guys were blown away at the new portal in this new service." Denish Haripal, Client

Working collaboratively with business, technology and customer experience stakeholders in an agile manner was essential to ensure a fast market launch.

The qualitative insights informed detailed user journeys, information architecture, wireframe concepts, functional prototypes, and a new user interface. Prototypes were thoroughly validated through in-depth usability testing, verifying the success of the project, which ultimately reduced implementation time and cost.

Introducing 'Tish' - the smart client platform 

“ClientZone [Tish] is the best customer portal I have ever seen" Warren Daniels, Client

We completely redesigned the portal to become a self-service, smart client portal, which in turn inspired Internet Solutions to review their existing client engagement model and how they do business.

Through intuitive navigation patterns, we developed seamless paths between primary tools while keeping ‘ClientZone central’ as the central hub. From monitoring Cloud Solutions to submitting Service Requests, actions can be executed simply and tracked from within the system. Scheduling meetings and communicating with IS teams happens within Client Zone which effectively and measurably reduces external (and often fallible) methods such as email and messaging apps. It also drastically increases the speed at which a user’s potential issue can be addressed, responded to and closed - increasing real-time resolutions and customer satisfaction.

‘Tish’ is a smart client management portal that enables customers to self-manage their IT infrastructure (Cloud, Connectivity and Security solutions) and assess the health of their IT business. The portal enables efficient collaboration and data-driven, actionable insights to allow Internet Solutions’ clients to anticipate the business of tomorrow.

The portal relaunched in January 2019. The impact of the new portal is expected to affect various areas of the business, including:

  • / 89% Increase of engagement of Tish (Up from 3%)
  • / 84% Increased self-service tasks/self-troubleshooting (up from 8.8%)
  • / 84% Reduction in call-centre reliance
  • Customer satisfaction and NPS increase
  • Operational efficiencies and ability to focus on more value add customer service
  • Mobile and tablet usage uplift in essential monitoring and reporting areas
  • Rapid roll-out of additional features with pre-defined patterns cuts down costs and allows to bring products ready-to-market faster
  • Preparation for scaling solution in the future with other API’s interfacing into Client Zone