Kingsley Napley

Reimagining a leading law firm’s digital brand experience

Kingsley Napley is a leading legal firm that supports individuals and businesses in resolving conflict, safeguarding their futures and maximising opportunities – including Criminal, Family, Immigration and Clinical Negligence practice areas. With an increasingly crowded market, Kingsley Napley recognised that it needed to evolve its brand, deliver a unique value proposition and challenge its digital services to meet customer’s changing expectations.

The challenge was to create a differentiated user experience that would generate a more meaningful interaction with their audiences within the context of their needs: from researching a legal firm to seek discrete advice for high profile public figures to finding urgent support in criminal emergencies, quickly. The site also needed to increase self-validated lead generation through tailored offerings and services, attract the best legal talent and provide a platform to relaunch the Kingsley Napley’s brand, created by Appetite.  

Provide a guiding hand in the most challenging and urgent situations

Being accused of something, it is critical to assess the problems that will arise quickly and strategically. The first contact with the law firm needs to provide empathetic and transparent advice.

Prospect was invited to introduce the user centred design process to ensure measurable success early on and to reduce the risk and costs of implementation. User research validated the varying motivational factors and decision-making drivers that the broad types of clients have when searching for the right firm and lawyers to help solve often highly emotional, personal and complex legal challenges. A resulting set of personas captured the audience’s behavioral and attitudinal insights and informed the design process.

Our research showed that a large percentage of clients often don’t know which service is relevant to their situation or prefer not to be categorised; they want to tell their story in their own words and relate more readily to empathetic situations versus vertical service categories. Equally, to attract high-value leads at the right time, the site needed to help users to self-validate their legal requirements and advice on the next crucial steps to take the right steps early on in the allegation. With as wide-ranging legal issues including protecting high profile individuals’ public reputation to immigration, setting up a business and criminal litigation, the site needed to guide potential clients through what can be an anxious process, manage expectations and answer common questions.

Increase high-value leads through tailored offerings and services

A competitive analysis established market drivers and differentiating factors. We conducted co-creation workshops with the client and the brand team to map the end-to-end user journey to capture all need states, information requirements and opportunities to improve the experience.

A completely redesigned information architecture and wireframes detailed all facets of the user journey to ensure a targeted and reassuring experience, taking into account the range of potential highly emotional states and time constraints which were factors in the decision making process. 

Balancing corporate credibility and human drivers

Many users don’t know the name of the service they are looking for and can only relate to what is often a highly emotional issue rather than a practice area.

We co-created situation pages which bring together many cross specialist practice areas which relate to a particular client situation. This new way of presenting information makes it easier for the client to relate to and to uptake a full range of services; for example, if a client is starting a business, they may need corporate structure, Tax, as well as property advice.

The redesigned architecture also collates rich team member content to further support the search for the right fit, credibility, and expertise. Case studies, stories, and successes prove relevance to people’s situation and provide a more human and empathetic identification with other people who have been in their situation. Recent content (news, blogs, successes etc.) to prove expertise, credibility, authority and standing in the industry.


The website went live in November 2016. The immediate measurable impacts are positive feedback from client inquiries and internal stakeholders alike. The new site has improved the SEO ranking of many of the practice areas and we expect to see an increase in web traffic and phone and e-mail inquiries in the coming months.