Nokia Siemens Networks

Unifying two network giants to work persuasively as one

Network giants Nokia and Siemens were completing a merger and needed to launch a new brand and unified online presence that would position Nokia Siemens Networks as a legitimate contender for the top spot in the sector.

Prospect helped the new company to launch online within three months, with a future-proof digital strategy across internet, intranet and extranet. The co-creation approach made it possible for two founding cultures and 50+ global locations to work effectively from day one. A coherent and targeted experience across channels provided a solid foundation for unity, instilling customer trust in the company.

Future proof digital strategy

The experience communicates the company’s unparalleled innovation, insight and expertise – not to mention the ability to connect 5 billion people around the world in a united community

Nokia Siemens Networks needed to credibly blend two different working cultures and make a convincing argument to analysts and shareholders about the ambition and capability of the new venture. Working with managers, marketers, editors, strategists, product strategists and technologists from around the world, Prospect captured the requirements for the combined company’s internet, intranet and extranet and created a future-proof digital strategy.

We mapped and analysed the competitive landscape for opportunities, and created personas, use cases and scenarios to capture user needs. User testing of initial beta versions helped fine tune the architecture and content strategy. Global stakeholder workshops ensured a holistic 'global' strategic implementation to promote the product and solution benefits.

We delivered an online brand experience reflecting the new business’s multi-sensory corporate brand. Adaptive and contemporary interfaces that encompassed movement, sound, interaction and emotion, communicated a fresh brand approach.

The digital experiences needed to accentuate the customer benefits, moving Nokia Siemens Networks away from its traditional selling of technical performance. The internet became a showcase for the new company’s thought leadership and storytelling.

Uniting the workforce of two global giants

The portal not only serves to unite the global workforce, but also provides productivity tools

The Nokia Siemens Networks intranet needed to be a hub for internal communications, knowledge sharing and collaboration. We designed a portal that would not only serve to unite the global workforce but would also provide productivity tools – from personal workspaces to a social phonebook to customisable aggregated content – to provide real time business information and drive engagement and loyalty. It can be tailored to suit individual needs and configured to provide the most valuable information upfront. 

Nurturing client relationships

We designed an extranet that would empower employees and customers to be responsive, effective and self-manage

The extranet needed to provide a platform for effective client management. We developed a Customer Care productivity tool to support customised levels of client service delivery. Additional tools were developed to support ticketing issues as well as product orders and tracking, to give customers peace of mind and the attention they need. The extranet also has features that highlight new product developments, networking solutions and targeted thought leadership for each sector.

Online brand guardianship

With 50+ offices and localized marketing activities, the brand required active management and self-service brand guidance to optimise productivity and consistency

Prospect became the online brand guardian for Nokia Siemens Networks, supported by a comprehensive style guide informing continuous development of digital channels.

Working in collaboration with the business, we developed an online brand centre concept with intuitive access to the tools needed to create on-brand communications, whatever the platform or location. And collaboration tools and project spaces to quickly facilitate approvals and to safeguard brand integrity, even for projects involving external partners.

Prospect have been an absolutely essential part of our team from Day 1. They have been innovative, practical, flexible, responsible, focused, down-to-earth and visionary. Together, we’ve conceived, designed, launched and tuned our online channels. Through this process, we have developed a deep respect for Prospect's ability to help us through change.”

Graham Honeywell, Head of Online, Nokia Siemens Networks