Simplified business intelligence for Nokia

To innovative and stay relevant, Nokia needs its analysts and product designers to be able to freely source, analyse and share competitive intelligence. The business intelligence platform was overly complex and difficult to use – undermining operational effectiveness and adding unnecessary costs.

Prospect created a new user-centric portal, empowering Nokia teams to visualise, filter, compare, share and create customised reports of highly detailed competitive data, increasing productivity by 77%.

50 % less time to find and analyse data
77 % Increased analyst productivity
3 months to recoup ROI

Designed for analysis and action

Research showed that Nokia had a wealth of intelligence at its disposal but analysts were still using other sources to support their needs

Prospect conducted in-depth user research and found that while Nokia’s business intelligence team had access to a wealth of valuable data, the information was being underutilized because it was difficult to access and translate into actionable insights.

We held co-creation workshops with Nokia stakeholders to quickly map out key journeys and personas, informing the design process. Rigorous testing helped to validate the solution.

The redesign removed the need for people to be trained, giving them access to an intuitive self-serve application that was visually appealing and a pleasure to use – with complex data visualisations for quicker navigation and decision-making, allowing analysts and product designers to respond to market threats and opportunities more effectively.

Self-serve intelligence

The outcome was a new self-serve business intelligence application that was a joy to use: engaging analysts, increasing contributions and significantly improving the ease of reporting new findings. The time needed to find and analyse data was reduced by at least 50%, increasing the productivity of Nokia’s business intelligence team.