Helping Tesco bring forward the future of fashion retail

Tesco wanted to keep its F&F fashion brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds and secure competitive advantage by defining the future of retail. The company embarked on a comprehensive digital innovation programme for the F&F brand, including a smart changing room experience with the goal to increase sales across multiple channels and boost brand perception. 

The retail giant commissioned Prospect to research and validate this ground-breaking retail innovation and discover new service opportunities the F&F brand could pursue across the complete customer experience. Through in-depth market and audience insights, we helped Tesco to develop a business case for the concept and plan for a sustainable nationwide launch.

Evidence-based retail innovation

Insight-led research validated the smart changing room concept and helped to position it as a vital part of a seamless omni-channel retail experience

Today's consumer is always connected. The breathtaking speed with which consumers are adopting new technologies is changing shopping habits and expectations forever and forcing retailers to think inventively if they want to keep customer loyalty.

To stay ahead, Tesco decided to pursue a holistic and seamless multi-touchpoint strategy to encourage more footfall into its F&F departments and raise its customers’ awareness of opportunities to shop for fashion across channels.

Tesco wanted to improve the fitting & trial experience with an innovative new fitting room concept. To create a business case for investment for a pilot and nationwide launch, the vision required testing, validation and further concept definition. 

Prospect visited high street retail stores to observe customer behavior and to establish the current digital innovation landscape. Nationwide customer and staff interviews provided in-depth analysis into the current Tesco F&F customer journey experience and helped to assess customer’s and staff technology adoption and smart changing room concept readiness.

Prospect developed customer and staff personas to support the creation of future journey scenarios and new service concepts. Ideation workshops prioritised the opportunities and helped to validate Tesco’s comprehensive innovation programme as a whole. 


Tangible customer and business value

Prospect created animated and illustrated scenario stories that showed what seamless digital touchpoint engagement could look like in practice and demonstrated the benefits for customers, staff and the business.

Our research showed that Tesco had plenty of opportunity to lead with its smart changing room experience as part of a connected digital strategy.

We found that the innovations would improve customers’ perceptions of the service experience by offering increased support, reduced complexity and a responsive, personalised service. Customers would be empowered to self-serve, making it easier for them to create outfits, discover style tips, share with peers and purchase the complete range in-store (rather than having to go to shop online separately).

For Tesco, there would be real business benefits, including fewer abandoned purchases, improved cross-selling and upselling and better brand perception and word of mouth.

The concept proved to have tangible staff and operational benefits too. We found that the smart changing rooms coupled with additional planned store innovations could improve customer relationships, boost staff time and productivity in the F&F department and streamline day-to-day tasks. 

Mapping the retail future

We created a roadmap for Tesco’s future digital innovations and business dependencies and defined the Minimal Viable Product experience so that Tesco could get the concept to market faster and use the pilot as an effective springboard into the future of retail. The programme validated Tesco’s vision for the F&F brand, but it also uncovered some additional valuable innovations that the company could implement, adding further value to the end-to-end connected and smart retail experience.

Visualising the vision

A visualisation of the integrated retail experience

Prospect worked with Four IV to create 3D store visualisations to demonstrate how the digital touchpoints could be integrated into future store developments.