Designing Businesses of the Future: Innovation Accelerator Workshop Programmes.

Customer-centricity is no longer negotiable. Learn service design techniques to create harmony across the human, digital and physical experience of your brand and to generate measurable business impact.


Living in a connected world means that customers hold all the power. A product is only as good as the service that surrounds it. For businesses to thrive they need to respond to – and anticipate – this fast evolving world.

From ambitious start-ups to global companies it’s recognised that human centric consumer or employee facing experiences enhances Return on Investment.

Service Design and Design Thinking enable this agility, which is becoming essential as you look to align what your brand does best with what your customers want most, to create competitive advantage and foster loyalty.

Our Innovation Accelerator Programmes drive business innovation using tried and tested tools and techniques, while exploring the power of Service Design and Design Thinking. Designed to empower you and to accelerate growth by identifying breakthrough innovations and opportunities. 


Customer centric transformation cannot occur in isolation. It needs to be embraced by one and all, to become the life force of the company. 

Choose from bespoke 1, 2 or 3-day programmes, experience innovation techniques to bring customers closer, create compelling solutions, and learn how to collaborate across teams more effectively with immediate positive impact on your business. You will walk away with the tools to bring your colleagues together, solve problems take away tangible solutions and a business case for positive organisational change.


This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Innovate at pace, accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge
  • Learn a creative approach and gain a fresh perspective to problem solving
  • Work with tools that create meaningful business change
  • Innovate efficiently - learn to test and discard or nurture gainful ideas
  • Better the existing world, eliminate pain points and create joyful customer journeys
  • Envision new experiences to stay relevant
  • Reinvigorate team’s spirit through co-creation and create a collaborative culture
  • Benefit your customers be they consumers or employees to build loyalty
  • Embed customer centricity throughout your business
  • Unlock existing service potential and uncover real business solution
  • Get stakeholder buy-in on the design thinking approach
  • Create a business case for change
  • Truly understand the power of human-centered design


We know how to drive people-centric change and remain relevant in a digitally dominated marketplace.

Gain a deep understanding of the entire service experience to generate measurable value, operational efficiencies and business growth with our Innovation Accelerator Programmes.

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